Storyscaping Connects Brands With Consumers in a Meaningful Way

GlueIQ Founder Gaston Legorburu
and Daz McColl
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The Art of Storytelling Meets Marketing

A great story stirs something very personal inside us and has the power to make us experience something that makes it memorable. Storyscaping: Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds helps brands move beyond just telling their brand stories to creating robust, engaging worlds that more effectively resonate with today’s highly connected, digitally enabled, and content-saturated customers. Storyscaping offers a truly customer-centric approach to advertising and marketing that uses stories as the foundation for designing emotional and transactional experiences every encounter. It inspires customers to do more than buy; they willingly buy in.

An Actionable Approach to Storytelling Marketing

Storyscaping offers business leaders, technologists and marketers step-by-step, actionable guidance for moving beyond telling brand stories, to creating robust, engaging worlds, that more effectively resonate with today’s highly connected and digitally-empowered consumer. Born from real experiences and pressure tested with real clients, it also reviews real world, groundbreaking work and provides in-depth commentary on how Storyscaping builds stronger brands that are better equipped to remain effective in an ever-evolving, competitive marketplace. And the principles outlined in this book are applicable to the 10-person start-up or the 10,000-person multinational business. They apply to new brands and old.

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The Authors

a black and white photo of a man with glasses gaston legorburu

Gaston Legorburu, Founder GlueIQ

Recognized as a game changer for modeling the marketing agency of the future, Gaston Legorburu has been described as a visionary who’s able to see and shape what’s next for brands, humans, and technology. He has been at the forefront of every major shift in the way companies and their customers connect, helping brands grow and innovate through each season of redefinition.

“Gaston has always been a big advocate of story and storytelling systems. In this book, he reveals his in-depth passion alongside a set of inspirational practices that will help us all become better storytellers, better storydoers, and better story systems builders.”
Jonathan Mildenhall
CEO TwentyFirstCenturyBrand, Former CMO Airbnb and SVP Coca-Cola

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Darren (Daz) McColl

Daz is a leading CMO, Marketing Strategist, Advisor, and Consultant. His work has been recognized and awarded the world over for both creativity and effectiveness. His insightful thinking is published in various marketing books and has guided his employers to growth marketing evolution.

“Today’s consumer expects more engagement and interaction with brands and products. Daz is one of the most insightful guys in the world of marketing and his work changes the way we look at telling stories to consumers.”
Omar Epps
Actor, Producer, Media Entrepreneur

Get step-by-step, actionable guidance.
Discover how to:
  • Identify and define your core desired consumer segment

  • Unlock or define your brand or organization’s purpose

  • Understand the emotional desires of your consumer

  • Establish a clear product/service positioning and offer

  • Understand and map how the consumer engages with the category and the product/service

  • Develop an organizing idea that inspires the storyscape at every touchpoint

  • Build a story system

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Storyscaping has been translated worldwide into multiple languages, and is studied by several leading universities.